iqama photo not matching

I have taken iqama for my 4 months old son. But instead of my son's photo, someone else photo is there in the system. I submitted the documents to jawazzat but still not done after 3 months. Everything is correct, like iqama number, passport no, validity. But photo is not correct. Also i have not given the iqama card and sent to another jawazzat to change the photo.
    I am planning to send my family in final exit and my hr told there is no issue in sending. Only thing is to have a iqama number.
   Please suggest.

There are so many Jawazat offices in Shopping malls in jeddah you can personally go to their office and discuss your issue with them.

Ya i went to main jawazzat office. They are saying that it will be changed in riyadh, because my baby born in india and came in on arrival visa. So they got the passport copy and send it to riyadh. 3 months finished, but still not changed and they are telling to after one week.
   I have iqama number and in online it is coming as my dependents. I am not having iqama card.
If i take final exit visa, will there be any problem at airport for my 10 month old baby. Please advise.

Same Question you ask with them by visiting Jawazat office in Any mall at evening time. They will tell you the excat information what you can do and what you cannot do.

I have checked with Indian embassy and they are saying that the photo will be changed in Riyadh by Ministry of interior. This mistake was done at the time of first entry in airport. Jawazzat officer is saying that they have sent the paper to riyadh and they gave some reference number.
     Checked with Jawazzat officer about the final exit, they are also not sure about this.

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