VISA - Which suits me?

Hi All,

I have been reading about the different VISA one needs to stay in Thailand.
And im still not sure which is the one best suits me.

Here is my situation.

- Im married to a Thai for nearly 15 years.

- Im in the age group of 40 - 45, and my wife 45 - 50.

- I will be getting a single house in Chiang Mai, with wife's and my names on it.
(Does owning a fully paid house in Thailand makes a difference in applying VISA?)
(Do i still needs to maintain a half Million Baht in the bank while owning a local property?)

- I will not have pensions or works when im at Chiang Mai.
(I will survive on savings and rentals from oversea property)

What visa best suit me if im moving over at the age of 45 - 48?


If I were you, I would apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa “O” and stipulate you plan to apply for an extension based on marriage.  Yes, you will still need to have 400,000 baht in a bank account for the designated period of time.

Once you hit your 50s the paperwork is a little easier if you switch to a retirement extension but you also need twice a much money in the bank.

Thanks villlagefarang.

Does it mean that I can hold that Non-Immigrant Visa “O” even reaching 50s. I don't mind a little more troublesome in paperworks but only hold 400K in the bank instead of 800K and untouchable.

But I got the info I needed to start of. Thanks again.


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