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Hi everyone, I have an idea about opening a restaurant in HCM city. I am just 19 years old. I have been living in the US for more than 3 years, working at the school dining hall for more than 1 year and I feel so boring going to college here. I love cooking healthy food and workout. I just want to ask you guys a quick question that what are the dishes from America that you want to eat in HCM city, (pasta, salad, pita, pizza,...) ? What would be the affordable price for each of them?
I personally hate McDonalds or any kind of fast food restaurants in HCM city now  because of their foods. first: unhealthy, second: taste bad.
I want to bring American culture to Vietnam but I have trouble with the 2 different cultures. Vietnamese getting familiar to cheese for the last few months. There are also lots of tourists in HCM city now, so should I open a restaurant serving American food (such as pasta, salad...) ?
Anyone knows the software that fast-food restaurants use to place order? and the software for payment?
Please feel free to give me advice,
Thank you very much

Someone else asked the same questions last week.  Here is the thread: Open a restaurant

Since you've only left VN 3 years ago, surely you still recall what people consider affordable price for a meal here.  Do not think expats will pay much more than Vietnamese when it comes to food.  That's one area where they can have some control on the price they're willing to pay, I seriously doubt anyone would give it up for the sake of eating American food. 

BTW, pita and pasta are not American food.  Americans reached out to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines when healthy diet became more popular.

I know Pasta and Pita are not American food, but they look healthy :) In my opinion, most of Vietnamese only know the spaghetti with tomato sauce. they also try to make Alfredo sauce, but I don't think many people know how to make it. So my idea is bringing something new to them, and I think many foreigners will miss the food from their countries. Price is the problem, $2 is small in US but it equal to a big dish in Vietnam. My goal is to sell food that at least cost $1 so many people can buy them. Vietnamese can eat fast-food at McDonalds so I think $2 or $3 maybe affordable price to them and tourists. I don't want to sell Vietnamese food because so many people do it, and I don't like the way they cook Vietnamese food because they let customers eat animal fat and just a small amount of meat is given to customers. I also want to have salad in my menu but American usually eat raw vegetable (such as broccoli, celery, beans,...), Vietnamese don't. The biggest problem to me for making these dishes are sources, if anyone know where to buy cheese or some kind of sources that we use to make pasta, salad,... please tell me. I appreciate that. Also, please give me some idea to decor the restaurant to look like American style :)
Thank you for all advice

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