Holding on and letting go:)

I would love to read your thoughts about this:)

Holding on to what and letting go of what?  Perhaps you could share your own thoughts to get things started.

Anything!Holding on  and letting go to grudges,possesions,relationships

I recommend holding on to things like your money and the steering wheel on your car.  Then again I recommend letting go of negativity and anger.

Deciding wisely about which things to keep in your life and which to let go is one of the keys to happiness.
However, this is easier said than done: How to know what is good for you? And will it still be good in a year?

Easy... Hold on to things that improve your life and make  you happy and let go of the negative stuff that don't.  Sometimes it hurts to let go of the negative stuff.

Bob K

Hi, sound like pretty good ! but, where to go..........

Lol dis topic sounds like an ex boyfriend u have to hold onto but u rilli wanna let go of just a circle of life

Hold onto the stuff that keeps you happy and alive, and let go of the things that cause you unwanted grief and misery.

Nothing we can hold on, with time everything will pass away and we have to keep on  moving

Do not dwell on what you don`t have. You will never have enough. Focus on what you have and appreciate life, you will realise that you have so much more of the blessings that life has to offer. # Instead of always wanting more appreciate what you already have and you might realise, you don't need anything else

That's true

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