Refusal of entry Singapore

Hi all....
My name is Via and I m from Jakarta - Indonesia.

I want to share a story and ask about Singapore immigration. Yesterday 25 October 2017 I landed in Singapore from Jakarta for 3 days 2 nights to meet my bf and he is not Singaporian.
I came to Singapore around 4-7 times per year since 2009.
Every time I came to Singapore I never stay longer than 4 days and always have return flight and hotel.

On this trip the immigration asking about my reason to come, asking the hotel booking and return flight.
As I explained to them that I came to meet my be, I have hotel and return flight.
And I explained that my bf not Singaporian.

Then they took me to investigation room and ask me many times.
I gave everything they asked, return flight, hotel & boarding pass again.
I asked them many times "why am I here?" And the answer is ur name on the list.
Later on I found out that the list is ICA list

They check my fingertips (10 fingers) and took photos and everything.
After that a woman call me and take me to security room and she said my return flight is 6:25 pm.
I just landed 2:30 pm and they held me around 4 hours that feels forever.

The woman that took me is not immigration and all the staffs at the security room is not immigration. The other 2 girls who sit with me agree that they are not nice.
It feels like they treat us like criminals.

The problem is I have no idea why I was refused to enter with reason being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current immigration policies.
I showed them my return flight and hotel and I only came to Singapore 4 times in 2017.
My other Indonesian friend came to Singapore 2times / month since January 2017 and she is doing fine.

They send me back and I have to pay the flight back to Jakarta.
Losing all my book and money of course.

Singapore used to be friendly especially for Indonesian because we are so close.
They handover me to flight attender and the same handover to Immigration in Jakarta.(like I m going to run away)
The Immigration in Jakarta told to me to go to Singapore embassy in Jakarta and ask about this. If I want to come to Singapore again I need to submit letter.

Please share or advice about this.

Thank you

via2017 :

I came to Singapore around 4-7 times per year since 2009.
Every time I came to Singapore I never stay longer than 4 days and always have return flight and hotel.
I showed them my return flight and hotel and I only came to Singapore 4 times in 2017.

I'm sorry to hear your story.
The immigration authorities (of any country, actually) have the right to deny entry for any reason they want. In Singapore, they are especially sensitive to any suspicion of illegal work or other questionable activities.
You visited Singapore so many times (at least 40 times in the last 9 years!) that they became suspicious. Having a boyfriend and distant relationship for so long, without marrying and/or moving together, is not a convincing story - they probably didn't believe it.
Now you must apply for a visit visa before you come next - but I recommend you wait 6 months or more before trying that!

I will add up recent cases in Singapore where most of girls from China, Philippines and Thailand came to Singapore thousands in numbers and doing immoral activities, caught red handed in 100s, many of them jailed , all of them deported and in many cases authorities confiscated their visa. I can see daily news coming up in Stomp that police caught girls in HDBs, budgeted hotels 100s in numbers. This is nothing to do with your incident but the reason I’m telling this, is that now a days immigration officers looking most of girls suspecting, who are visiting without their partners or families because of others wrong doings. As Beppi, said try to avoid 6 months at least and mean time if you want to meet your bf then ask him to visit you, hotel stay and overall expenses are much cheaper in Indonesia. Now, both of you can consider to marry, to avoid further nightmares at Changi Airport. Best wishes in advance.

Hi Beppy

Thank you for your reply.
This experience is very traumatic and makes me think twice to go to Singapore again. But I am worry that I will have problems when I m transit in Singapore due to not many dirrect flight from Jakarta to many places.
The other girl from Armenia fly from KL to Singapore then transit to Armenia. She got send back to KL and have to rebook flight from Singapore to KL and KL to Armenia.

I hope this experience won't happened to any of you.

Thank u

Hi Surya

I understand that they suspect me as illegal workers. I got treated like this so many time because of my face and my nationality but never this way.
Usually I avoided travel to meet my bf but this time he can't come to Jakarta. So... Bad luck for us this is happen.

Thank you

It’s not only illegal workers but vice activities across Singapore. These girls gave very bad name to other girls who travel alone here (many girls from Eastern & Central European countries caught in these vice activities too, so no surprise they sent back that Armenian girl). You can Google about vice activities in Singapore, can find 100s of cases in this year alone. So, I won’t surprise if immigration officers send girls (if they have doubt) back to their departure place without giving any explanation. Good luck.

I honestly had refusal experience also in September 2017.

I had to make someone a Singaporean sponsor my re-entry via Social Visit Pass application, processed by my Sponsor, as advised by Immigrations at Checkpoint.  Currently, I am awaiting her submission to the ICA of the forms to sponsor the entry; and then await the ICA approval (usually they said within 24-48 hours, result released).

Hope this helps.  It's a work in progress- a process, their protocols, we have to respect.

Thank you, and all the best!

Well, glad i found this subject because last year in January 2017 i was refused aswell to transit in singapore because i got one page contain visa stamp from dubai washed away/damage. I flew from Hong kong - singapore - semarang with tiger and they deport me back to HK since i work in Macau. They told me if i wish to enter Sg again then i need to write a letter. Been looking at ICA but couldnt found any email address because my appetite to go back to Sg growing again to join at Singapore Cocktail week this year as participant with my new pasport of course. Please let me know what i suppose to do and how to get a better result to solve the refusal problem. For sure for my next visit i will try to get invitation letter and all necesary document.

Below link will give you email address of ICA. Reach out them and clear the doubt that there shouldn’t have an issue entering SG. Good luck

Thank you Mr.Surya, will contact per email and call by phone ASAP and hope i can get better chance to visit Sg again. My bos basically would send me around mid Feb for a shift work exchange with Ritz Carlton Sg. And i hope RC would help me aswell to enter Sg


can i know which forms did you submit for the approval of your visit pass? thanks

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