expat and life in Kuwait

Dear All,

I got a job in Kuwait but i am from EU and i am wondering how looks like social life there if it is easy to meet new friends and feel kinda free. I am a bit scared and still considering accept or reject offer.
Please give me some tips, many thanx ;;;;;;;;:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Hi Sonia,

I'm not sure whether you can easily make new friends here..,to be honest, males can make friends easier than females ...so, consider everything and make up your mind...

In case you refuse the job offer, and if it's an English teaching job, plz let me know as a (male) friend of mine - an experienced English teacher who understands some Arabic, is eager to come here and work as a teacher..

Good luck!

Thank you for respond. I am going to work in beauty salon but haven't accepted offer as yet. Good money but I can't imagine don't have some friends to speak with.

Welcome Sonia,

Expanding and maintaining social circles here does take a bit more effort here than you are probably accustomed to. However it also depends very much on an individual.
But is that a reason enough not to give it a shot? The most you can lose is to decide it is not for you and head back.

If you will work in a beauty salon it will be easy to make friends. Your customers will be your friends

Its certainly tough. My wife and I have made a few friends but often schedules don't match up. Neither of us like it when she goes out alone as all the men seem to be infatuated with the idea of a foreign woman. I cant imagine either of us coming here alone. Having each other is whats kept us going.

Dear Sonia,

It’s not that easy making friends here, but there is a lot on offer in terms of things to do (mainly revolves around food, shopping and Sports). You can join a gym or sport teams which is a good way to keep busy. Expats I met here through online forums are a little weird but you have to compromise and adapt. I’ve been here for 7 months now and still trying ;) I’d say nothing to lose try if the offer is good enough for you to make the move and if you don’t like it, then the experience is worth it. Best of luck

in short .. do not come .
best luck.

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