How easy is it to make friends in doha?

Hi everyone, 

Second post - and wondering what its like on the social scene in doha. How easy is it to meet friends etc?  moving soon :) glasgow to doha. Very social so would like to make sure i can meet good friends over there. Hope anyone has advice.


Hi louise,
and very good morning from Doha,
making friends, good question !!!
It is easy to make friends, but to make a meetup is a little bit difficult due to each person schedule.
Go first with your work mates, they will guide for the first step, then, you can discover by yourself new spots.
Western to western contact here is very easy..then it depends on each an everyone taste..  :D
In general, it is easier than in UK, here it is warmer !!  ;)


Hi Dear
Good luck for your plan to move doha.Believe  Its very safe multi cultural city to stay  with people from all over world so definitely you will find good friends here of your interest and welcome in advance for your arrival ,  feel free for any help in doha.


Hi Louise,

Did you make the move yet? I am wondering similar things and will be moving there in two weeks..excited and nervous.

Good Luck

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