Relocation furniture and applicances to Kuwait


Did anyone relocate his/her furniture and appliances to Kuwait?

If yes, what is your feedback?

I would like to do it from Australia.


Hi Mudman, I am also moving from Perth to Kuwait mid March. Can I ask what removal company did you use? and how much did it cost you?
I am looking at 20ft Container Door to door.

Appreciate if you can share your experience.


sorry, but I gave up. Better to sell my furniture Down-Under and rent a fully furnished in Kuwait. Later on I will buy the furniture in Kuwait. I do not trust the relocation companies. Once the container will be in Kuwait, there might be too many issues

Some quick advice concerning customs and the shipping your furniture:

Avoid shipping things here that aren't "normal".

I'm a hobby mechanic and an electrical engineer.  I have a TON of tools and electronic components.  My container was completely tore apart by the customs inspectors at the port (twice).  It took a LONG time for my things to clear, many visits to many different government offices, and a LOT of stuff got broken (I was told it all started because my kids telescope showed up as "gun shaped" on the x-ray).

If you're shipping things that strictly fit the definition of "furniture" or "general household goods" you should be fine.  But if you've got hobbies like mine, you're going to be in for a long ride.


Thanks a lot for your advices. will take into account. Do you remember what company you used for custom Clearance broker?


Alghanim Freight

Alghanim Transportation Logistic and Solutions (Atlas)

If you're interested and wanted to PM me I can send you the guy's contact info. 


thanks Heaps. I have just send you a message.

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