Does visa clearance required for visa transfer in Omna


Appreciate  guidance on my issue about employment in Oman

After expiry of my service contract , I got offer and signed contract for employment with next company.My current employer is ready to give me NOC .But next employer company  is  getting delay my joining because they have still not got visa from ministry of manapower .Now already one month gone.

My queries are following
1. Is it mandotary to get visa clearnace for visa transfer to next employer.NOCis not enough.
2. Does it really need so long time to get visa clearance from ministry of manpower now a days.

Appreciate reply from forum

Answer to both of your questions is  YES.
There are few examples where people had wait for more than 8 months and the employer wasn't able to get the clearance.

It is advisable to take up the job with an employer with a valid visa clearance or else it becomes a real pain sometimes.

Thanks a lot.Yes, It is again one learing .

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