maldives airport

got an offer to move to Maldives with the airport as a working place... hows the working conditions and general atmosphere and governance of velana international airport

If you got an offer to work for MACL then you should be excepting good working environment and not so much pressure, depending on your job nature. Generally maldivians are good friendly people. Governance of Velana International Airport, I can not comment as I am not working in airport operations.

thanks Wasseem for the brief insight..for yourself what do u do in Male

I am not in Male, I work for MACL in their corporate office as Project Management Consultant. I live in Hulhumale which is about 15 to 20 mins drive from Airport. Maldives is not a bad place to work and live but it would be nice if you have some good friends or like minded people to hang out on weekends. It does get boring otherwise....

It does get boring otherwise....Heard that a lot. How long will it take to complete the work visa/permit on application by the prospective employer

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