Monthly Public transport costs in Copenhagen

Hello Everyone,

I just received my residence permit & am trying to find an apartment for rent. One of the question I have is about transport.

Suppose, my new apartment is in Nivå & I have to commute to Copenhagen City for work. This is almost 35km one way. Nivå seems to be 80 in zone map. Does this mean I have to select to Zone 8 ?

How do I work out my monthly transport cost ?
Also, i heard that there is a option to apply for monthly pass through my employer with DBS

Which is cost effective ? To buy the pass alone or through employer as part of salary ?

Btw, if anyone have an apartment for rent in & around Copenhagen please reply.


Perks are always welcome, and the workplus scheme is a favorable offer.

The employers might also be more willing to give you a perk than a pay rise as it cost them nothing. But maybe, the employer are willing to give both?

Do ask the employer if he can help you in finding a good place to live.


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