Seeking Housing Advice Near Work Place

I will be coming to Beijing middle of May. My company is situated somewhere at Lido Place, No. 6 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District (no idea where it is yet, if someone can tell me that would be great). I am looking for Studio Apartment/Room/share/private preferably inclusive of all utilities cost i.e. electricity, water, heating, management fee, laundry, housekeeping, internet etc. My budget is below RMB4000 per month.

Don't mind little far if the place is convenient to subway/buses direct to my work place. If anyone have any options available please kindly let me know. Also wondering if there is any good gym around the work place or even better come with the apartment.

Appreciate your help. Thanks.

No subway in the vicinity of the Lido.

The Hairun apartments might be an option for you. Few minutes walk from your office but I think your budget is only realistic if you can find a share and to include laundry and housekeeping in that budget I suspect is not an option.

Thanks Manlin does it mean that Libo is bit out of City Center? Anything to do around that area? Will it be expensive to live there?

I think with your buget you could probabily get 1 bedroom in Landscape residence or China Central Palace, Piao Home...these places are all in Lido area, but yeah, there isn't any subway line, but bus are available. I am real estate agent. If you like I can show you around and help you find an apartment. You don't have to pay the agent fee.


Thanks East Home i will contact you once im in BJ. In the meantime we can contact via email


Yes, the Lido area is not considered to be downtown Beijing but there are things to to do in the area. In walking distance there are a few hotels in the area (for example Holiday Inn Lido), quite a few western/foreign restaurants (Italian, Tex/Mex, Indian, Thai) a few coffee shops, expat friendly supermarkets, bars and of course loads of Chinese restaurants. No cinemas in the immediate area. A short taxi ride to area such as Sanlitun, Wangjin and Lufthansa Centre (aka Liangma Qiao) will add even more options.

You could also look for a place in WangJing, which is the neighborhood just north of Lido. There are a lot of decent apartment complexes in the area that would fit your price range and would be within a bike ride of Lido Place.

Thanks guys for the advice. I will be coming to BJ finally at 14th May. My new office is now actually at Ocean International Centre
No.56 Mid 4th East Ring Rd, Chaoyang District. I am therefore looking for studio apartment near my work place so if anyone know of one please let me know.

I would also be excited to meet new people from all walks of life so please share with me if there is any cool events over the next few weeks. I will be travelling in between Tianjin and Beijing so would be thrill to meet anyone from these 2 cities.

Catch you all in BJ.

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