Spouse Visa waiting times please help

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I applied for Join Spouse Visa for Ireland, I'm from Philippines and my husband is an EU citizen living in Ireland. We were waiting for almost 8months time now for the decision, we were wondering until when we have to wait.. Is there anybody experiencing this kind of situation.? Or is there other way we can do? Thanks in advance!! Hopefully you can give some advice.. Quick response would greatly much appreciated!!

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I have heard it can take them 12 months to approve, this is advertised when you make the application. Are you living in Ireland? I was advised I can move to Ireland with my partner and get a work permit and then apply for the spouse visa. Are you wanting to work?

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My husband and I are experiencing the same thing. I wonder if your case has been finalized in the past months. It will be twelve months since we applied the first of February. I don’t have any information that will help you as we are in the same situation but I can empathize!


Let me know if you want to share experiences!

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