QSI or Verdala

Please can someone help me with explaining the differences between QSI and Verdala, has anyone got experience with both? We are not from the US and our children are IB primary years. Which school is better and for what reason. Would really appreciate some advice.

I know very little but the little that was relevant to us was that QSI had no waiting list, but very small school.  Verdala long waiting list, much bigger school.

We are at St Edwards; IB in the older years, but mainly a boy's except for some years.

Thank you, I know Verdala has a long waiting list but is this because of the area as it's highly populated or because it's the preferred school? St Edwards also has a waiting list.

We are looking for a school with facilities to offer to our children so they can make choices in what they want to pursue, we do not need to live in Pembroke or St Juliens so location is not an issue. We want to make sure they are being taught by good teachers that offer specialist teaching in some subjects like art, science and theatre and also to learn another language, we also want a friendly environment and also fun parents to meet. Which school is best?

Hello Maybeethree,
Did you find any interesting schools with the characteristics you mentioned. I am really interested. Thank you so much in advance

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