Bahrain - Work Visa - Educational Doc attestation

Hello All,

I am an Indian national and banker based in Dubai. I am expecting a job offer from a Bahrain employer. Just wanted to know if work visa from Bahrain for an Indian national would require an attested educational certificate (Bahrain Embassy in India). My educational certificate is currently stuck in India with another embassy and might take 2 months to be released from there. Please if anyone could let me know if Bahrain work visa would be dependent on producing my original educational certificate. Thanks


Your potential employer would be the right person to answer this question, but yes attested educations documents will have to be submitted to your employer.

Thanks @ logicalindian for your response. Unfortunately I am unable to approach my prospective employer since this would be early given offer is not firm yet. I understand attested certificate could be asked by my prospective employer for their internal verification. However what I want clarification is - is it required by Bahrain Govt Authorities for issuing work permits / visas ?

Depending on your profession / designation on visa, yes it is required by the Government for issuing visas.  I had to submit an attested degree for a manager designation.

I sent photocopies before I moved over.

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