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I will be in Smolyan/Pamporovo area the first week of December, and would love to meet people who live there or in vacation.

Hey there,

If you're on business then the right time is still to come in Pamporovo/Smolian ..... but if you're going there for a vacation, be prepared to meed thousands of students - 8 th Dec is the largely celebrated University Students Day in Bulgaria.

Hello,I am in Bulgaria in May,but probably too far from you.It would be nice to meet you one day too though😀

I will be in BG for a few days to sort out some issues with my property but planning to go back in January or February

Oh good😀,I hope we can meet up in May ,if you have time?I have added you on the friend request icon.If you are too busy ,then enjoy BG.I will buy you a coffee😁😀

oh thank u! looking forward to the coffee! :)

My pleasure,oh and some cakes for you too,I hope you will be there in May?😀😁😁😁😁

Hi Nicolina,I will visit Serbia in the Summer,with a view to buying a house,but must research first.😀😊.Aaaaw sorry you don't like Bulgaria,you  can come with me to Serbia he he😀😊.Is your village in the South,I will take a look😀😀😊😊

Ooops Vicolina,sorry forgive me,another cup of coffee awaits😀😁😁

If you have property in Pamporovo, probably you should consider postponing leaving the resort in mid ski season ? end of March sounds better in this case ....

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