Is it advisable to accept an offer on contract (gyomu itaku) in Tokyo


Recently I got an offer for a Invst Bank through a Recruitment Firm. The Recruitment Firm wants me to sign the offer letter with them for contract type "gyomu itaku". And they will them place me at the IB office.  The salary composes of Pension Insurance / Health Insurance and Unemployment Insurance & Workers Comp. All in all all it looks pretty good to me. The contract would be renewed with me every 6 month.

But when i search for this contract type on google, I get scary results saying this is a bogus way of hiring. On the other hand, consultant say its a common practice. I would like to understand this  contract better and also the risks associated and things I should be aware of. This will help me take a wise decision.

I have yet to sign the offer; and hence require some quick inputs from the community.

Thanks in advance.

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