Keeping in touch while living in Madagascar

Hello everyone,

What are the best ways you've found for keeping in touch with friends and family back home while living in Madagascar? How frequently do you stay in touch with loved ones?

Are there local equivalents to common instant messaging and online video calling services that you prefer or are more widely used?

If there is a sizeable time difference, how do you manage this?

Do you make international phone calls from a landline or mobile phone from Madagascar? What do you think of the cost?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Life is changing in Madagascar for social media is getting popular there. Mainly back then my mum was the only person that’s missing from the family, the only was that I could contact her was write a letter or call her on the phone. It wasn’t frequently that I’ve contacted my mum for it’s expensive especially when she lived overseas but the rest of my loved ones I can just walk to the house and meet.

There’s a thing that you call Skype or Viber mainly used there if you want to video call or just normal call.

Yes times is different but smart phone these days you can just put in the time of the country and you’ll know if it’s day time or night and whatever suit Mum that’s when I or her call each other.

Okay to make it easier the person overseas has to call because they’ve got different SIM card and they can do international call using Lebara or other company that last long, therefore if I call it’ll be expensive it won’t even last for say 5 mins to talk. Hope you enjoy reading my little experience.

whatsapp is also suitable.

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