Keeping in touch while living in Equatorial Guinea

Hello everyone,

What are the best ways you've found for keeping in touch with friends and family back home while living in Equatorial Guinea? How frequently do you stay in touch with loved ones?

Are there local equivalents to common instant messaging and online video calling services that you prefer or are more widely used?

If there is a sizeable time difference, how do you manage this?

Do you make international phone calls from a landline or mobile phone from Equatorial Guinea? What do you think of the cost?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Internet on the island can be quite sketchy, and may drop in and out for a variety of reasons.  However, assuming it is working, the easiest ways to contact friends and family are via the usual online means: email, Facebook (call & messenger), Viber, WhatsApp, Skype.  As many people would know this can be difficult as not all friends have the same apps, so I have all four apps on my phone and use them depending on who I'm contacting.  I try to avoid video calling as the calls are not as good quality and can drop out compared with simply calling.
There's no real need to make international calls any more with the expanse of internet and data - which is great.
I message certain family and friends every other day, but only call every couple of weeks. The time difference with Australia makes it quite difficult particularly when working full time.  The best times to call for me are weekends in the morning as it's evening then in Australia.

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