Anybody got any thoughts , views or warnings ?

Hi there all,
Newbie alert.
We are at the start of our journey, returned back to the UK from Australia 3 years ago due to employment difficulties for my wife there, got our Australian citizenship before we left after 10 years.
After 3 years  we are sadly disillusioned with the UK as it becomes more divided and people become poorer and the last vestiges of optimism ebbs away.
My wife has retrained as a counsellor/psychotherapist and is completing her Masters and we decided some months ago that the UK felt alien and as if it was no longer a country we could recognise as a forward looking place that looked beyond its borders.
We started out looking seriously  at SW France in October but ended up feeling we would be isolated and lacking in services as we toured around looking at properties in small hamlets and towns which we felt were suffering from rural decline in population and wealth.
So we reverted to a plan from some years ago to move to Spain as we have enjoyed holidays in Javea at different times of the year, admittedly not in high summer, although summer in Brisbane can be challenging with 32-35C and 80% humidity so we have some appreciation of that challenge.We did do a round spain trip before we returned to the UK but we did at that time feel that my wife's career would progress better in the UK, how wrong can you be.
Anyway we are certainly trying Spain on for size  and do like Javea, it seems to be a seaside resort which attracts Spanish families as well as northern Europeans and the worst aspects of over development have been avoided?
I am retired with a state pension and another govt pension with some resources from a property sale in Australia and my wife is looking to use her expertise as a therapist to build up a small business, she has a business contact already doing the  same work in Alicante.
That is our short potted history which may or may not reflect others experiences.

we  have done a little research on the health system and at the moment our questions is factual,  if I am accepted into the Spanish system as a pensioner, which I believe I would be, until brexit takes affect, would that provide cover for my wife who is not a pensioner.
The other queries are far more subjective and that is what are  peoples experiences f the Spanish health system and  what do people think are the  pluses and minuses of locating in a place near to, or in, Javea.?
Anybody got any thoughts , views or warnings, don't hold back we are trying not to come to this exercise with preconceptions, we are trying to learn from other people.
we are thinking of looking for a property in January, similarly any words of wisdom would be welcome.

Russ,      To be included in the ‘free’ health system in Spain  as a UK Pensioner, you would need a form S 1 from DWP.  I understand that in order to get the form one needs to have contributed to the UK system for a minimum number of years .   That is;  Paid your Nat Health Stamp.   

Assuming you can get an S 1,  you can register with the health system in Spain.

If your spouse is dependent on you, so not working, she will get ‘free’ cover too regardless of her age. If she is working then she will get cover as a worker.

NB     The DWP pay around £3,000 p.a. for each person authorised for ‘free’ cover., regardless of how much they use or do not use the service.

Russ, Health  Service care in Spain.

You will hear both extremes of outstanding and poor.    In the 30 years I have lived in Spain I have experienced private medicine and the Regional Health  Care  services.

I have found good, bad and OK services with both.

I guess that would be the same in in UK.

The differences are that with the Regional Health Service it would be most unlikely they would recommend treatment if it was not required, whereas, with the private sector, just like when you take your car to a garage for bodywork repairs, they ask if it is an insurance claim or if you are paying.    I had a prostate operation,  which I say was for ‘financial reasons’  i.e. the consultant wanted to earn money, and not that I really needed the operation.

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