Dutch National ( In South Africa ) moving with South African Fiance

Hi Everyone

I am Anemoon , and currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa.
I emigrated to SA in 2002 from Dordrecht, Netherlands.
I have a ticket booked ( return ) for the 18thh of December , with my fiance , but I am thinking of not returning. What are the steps that need to be made (apart from a job) for my fiance to join me as well.
I will have a place to stay if i do get a job, as my whole family resides in The Netherlands.

Was someone in a similar situation?
Please share any experiences.
Kind Regards

Hi and welcome to the Forum. :)

Assuming you kept your Dutch passport, you'll have no problem returning to Holland.  Unfortunately, "fiancee's" are not recognised in Immigration terms and your's will need to go through the same immigration process as any other South African; it would be a lot easier if you were married, or your relationship was a legally recognised partnership, as you would then have the right of family reunion.

There could be some other category that he/she could qualify for; this link will take you to the IND website, you can have a look through the various sections and see if there's anything that would help your case.

Best of luck in your journey.

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