renewal of student permesso in Italy while switching to a new school

Im really hoping someone is able to answer my question because neither immigration office nor school administration were not able to.
I am a US citizen and a student in Florence and my permesso is about to expire. I have been enrolled in a dual program with two schools my first year. but now I am switching to only one of the original schools full time and hoping to renew my permesso. the school I am staying with is not indicated in my student permesso paperwork. am I going to be able to renew my permesso or do I have to go back to USA to obtain a new student visa?
Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide me with!

1st of all have been enroled or not yet ? the university understands this problem of permession in my case for example they asked me send them the new permission after arriving . I don’t know about private schools , in any case you would receive your permission but it takes time . I guess the school will understand the situation

Hello Nata05,

Have you been able to figure out a solution for this? In some schools like mine, The international student desk seems to know how to help for exchange students.
I am in a sticky position as well.. I am trying to defer my 1 year course to next year and wondering if I can still legally stay in Italy as I already have( student visa for 1 year) and I will get my permisso soon!! But from what I read renewing permisso is a mess!! 
I apologize that I dont have any answers for you but your situation might help mine :(

So please let me know if you have more information.

Thanks & Regards

hi there,
my situation a bit different. i have finished my first year with a different school. and now because i have signed up with a new school, i have to get a new student visa. my permesso can't be renewed as it's valid only if i stay with the same school.

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