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Hello guys,

I am Indian and my german fiancée want to get married. We have submitted all the documents to standesamt after 6 months they have said you can marry.

Problem is, I want to know can my fiancée can register date for our wedding without me.
As I am in India. Is there a process or procedure to do it without me.

Please reply.

As long as the rest of the paperwork is approved then it shouldn't matter who makes the appointment.

Thank you. But when my fiancée went to standesamt the lady said the OLG may not allow because your partner is not here. Am little confused.

You cannot marry without being there, of course.
But with the o.k. by the Standesamt, you can apply for a marriage visa and get a date for the wedding within the marriage visa validity.

Good Day, l'm a Foreigner Married to a German citizen. My marriage certificate bear first and last name, but my Ausweis Aufenthaltsgestattung "Asylverfahrens" And my lnternational Passport bear first, middle and last name. Meaning my marriage certificate bear 2 names while my Ausweis and international passport bear 3 names. What should l do? Please and advice!
  Thanks Emmanuel

You should have the document changed to show the correct name.

Which of the documents l should change?

The one that is not correct.

Its some how complicated, because I dont know the one to correct. I wish to find out the easiest one to correct.
  Thanks for respond

Where will I go to change it?

You don't know which document is correct (meaning you don't know what your exact name is)? And then you ask strangers on the Internet which one is correct???
I am afraid you have to figure that out by yourself! (And you can only change an official document if it is incorrect.)

To change a document, you have to go to the authority that issued it - your passport at your country's embassy, the German visa at the Ausländeramt, a marriage certificate at the marriage registry where you had your wedding,


Hmmm, to get married they would check and use the names on your passport. How can they be different?

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