Help with Iqama

Hi my husband is from Egypt working and living in KSA. His Iqama expired in August and his employer hasn’t renewed it. The money is in the account to renew it but the company owed the social security. They claim they have paid it and said that the labor office said it takes a week to open the system back up. I am wondering is this true? Because they first said it opens back up only 24 hrs after paying it. They have been playing games with him for the past 3 months now and he wants to go back to Egypt. He can’t go to his embassy because he has a car in his name still that another guy has had for 3 years but the company won’t transfer it to his name because he doesn’t live in Riyadh. Please if anyone has any answers I would really appreciate it.

Your Story sounds true as so many similar stories have been heard here like this.

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