Discount shops

I just wonder if there are any kind of discount shops like in the UK/Ireland?

I know there are Lidl and Ikea but I mean like Euro shops, Mr. Price (I remember there were quite a few in Greece)!?
Also love charity shops like second hand buy and sell, is that in any way in Cyprus?!



oh fab thats great news.... in all the cities I guess... cant wait to go on holidays/work trip now...

Do they also have this USED / SECOND HAND culture in Cyprus due to the British influence?!

yes of course  lots of them  lots of facebook pages too offering buy and sell so we've bought some real bargains over the last three years or so

and of course as expats come and go  we watch out for those who are leaving and selling up

yea that is big here in Ireland too and you can get so many bargains - half my house is from buy and sell, fantastic stuff!

Very good to know for people starting up like me with my daughter and knowing what I should bring and what not.
It was mentioned that electronics are very expensive there so I consider then taking my Halogen oven (which I totally adore also for its efficiency) and my induction plate etc...
Is there a list of recommendation what is expensive in Cyprus and hard to get and recommended to bring with you?!

anything electrical  and electronic - clothes & shoes

check out some of the retailers here  people like  - scandia. public, electroline,  premier electrical. bionic,  lidl, super home centre, paphos homemarket for pricings.....

Yea I read that so I hope I can ship that with my car. Also read that especially when you are a tall person you have a problem  :D
Probably need anyway mainly summer/spring clothes and can leave the heavy winter stuff behind yay...

What about bedding, like good duvets and pots?
Sorry for all these questions :-)

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