had a job offer and will be staying in Hulhumale

Hi everyone!

I have a job offer as a Landscape Architect and will be staying in Hulhumale. I've been working in Singapore for 6 years now but since working visa is hard to obtain here nowadays, i will be stationed in Maldives. I just want to know the working condition there and the safety of the place for female workers.

Thank you!

From the Philippines

Hulhumale is a good place to live.. and safety too. No doubt.. Working Condition depends on the office you going to work.. i am an architect.. working in Hulhumale..

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Fron India,

Generally its a safe place, unless you are wondering around very late night after midnight and looking for trouble. Work environment is laid back and not like working in Singapore or Hong Kong where you have to be very competitive in terms of productivity and quality of work.

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