High deposit request and uncertainties, Aalborg

From the document I received I see that the majority of costs come from waxing the floors, painting the walls and ceilings - written under "MALER". However, a landlord visited the apartment one day before we moved out to assess what condition the apartment is in, stating that it won't need painting. We have only been in the apartment for half a year, we have taken good care of it and we cleaned it extensively upon moving out. It is inadequate that we have to pay for all the unnecessary renovations such as painting the ceilings in the whole apartment - the ceilings were completely untouched additionally walls weren´t painted or penetrated by any nail.

Also, in the document, there is the expenses for cleaning, written under "Rengøring", which is not documented with specific prices, 18000 Dkk. As I mentioned before, we have cleaned the apartment in great detail before moving out, so how is it possible we have to pay for additional cleaning ? Furthermore, the craftsmen were changing one of the windows in the apartment just in the week after we moved out, therefore we don't even know whether they didn't influence the final condition of the apartment as well, which is very likely when there is construction work done on the building.

Another cost was 1000 DK for taking out two pieces of furniture, which I didn't manage to get rid off before moving out.Is the price of 1000 DK standardized for furniture removal or why does it seem so unreasonably high?
The price we paid for the deposit when we moved in was 4000 Dkk, now the landlord is asking for additional 3600 dkk for totally unknown unnecessary services, like mentioned cleaning, floor waxing, walls painting.

Please recommend some steps I can execute in order to avoid unnecessary expences. Have a nice day Thank you.

Yet another scoundrel of a landlord, but there is help to get.

If you have rented your apartment after July 2015, the landlord cannot claim that the apartment shall be painted etc. after moving out. Of course, if you have mistreated the apartment, but not if we are talking of usual wear and tear.

There are two tenants' organizations which deal with such problems on behalf of the tenants. You have to pay a minor amount for their service.

There is also the possibility to hand in a complaint directly to the Rental Board. It cost only a little to do so, and if you win the case, it will be free for you.
https://www.aalborg.dk/politik/udvalg-r … ejenaevnet

Before taking above steps, it might be a good idea to get some free legal advice.
https://www.aalborg.dk/digital-post-cpr … aadgivning

I hope the very best for you. Would you be so kind to keep the forum updated?


Hi Nellie, thanks for the advice, So today I texted to the landlord concerning the cleaning expenses and they send me back few pictures of which I can only see two flaws and it was limescale in the bathroom, on the sink and the toilet, however concerning the painting I am not sure how it is, because it is quite a big company, nevertheless I will contact the legal advice which you has provided. Wait for updates. Have a nice day

If the tenant has moved in before July 1, 2015, he shall pay for a make over, but after this date normal wear and tear are accepted, and the landlord cannot claim a make over.

Even big companies can make errors so I am quite confident that you have a pretty good case.


Hello Nellie, my situation is that I am not in the Denmark since I moved out, and I would like to send it directly to the REntal Board, however, I am not sure if I can do so by mail, and what it should include, I will attach Rental contract, Deposit calculation, my complaint and confirmation of moving in Deposit payment. I hope it is enough if it should contain some more docs please let me know. Thanks

The Rental Board (Huslejenævnet) only make use of a secure mail system (via borger.dk) why you have to use your NemId to send your papers.

If you don't have your code card any longer, I suggest that you send a mail together with your papers to
https://www.aalborg.dk/kontakt/kontakt- … ?cid=18469
and ask them to forward the papers to Huslejenævnet. Huslejenævnet is a part of the municipal system so your papers will be in good hands.

Above mentioned papers seem to be enough to make a judgement.


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