after Resignation,completed30days work,waiting for filght ticket

Hi everyone, I gave resignation on September 4, HR accepted my resignation on sep 6th. HR told me to work for 30days that is til October 6th . I completed 30days. October 6 th was my last working day. now I am at my company room since 20 days waiting for flight ticket. every day I call HR . hr says....  wait one week more..... can anyone suggest me what to do next..

Report them. Call the ministry of labour

ok.. thank you

Hi scanleakutube,

Until and unless you ask your company to provide you whatever they are saying in writing, it means zero to you as well as to them.

When you ask your company to give it to you in writing, you will see for yourself how they react immediately.

When you ask your employer to give you something in writing, then it is obvious that you are collecting the required proof / data to lodge a formal complaint against the employer.

Without any written document as proof, your case has no standing in the court of law.

Yes as sumitran says the only way to fast things you should get proof

Go and Report them to the Ministry or approach your Embassy for advice.

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