some information in Sao Paulo

Hello expat guys!
I am planning to visit Sao Paulo soon,
Need to plan all details for my trip starting from the airport,
I am planning to book a hotel not far away from Sao Paulo university, around that area,
As I checked from google maps, that the distance between Sao Paulo international Airport and my destination is about 43 km,
what are the means of transport that available to get to my destination? besides the well known taxi service,  want to know if such as public buses, rapid / express trains, MRT, LRT, or such, vans,
How much the cost of each mode of transport approximately?  what would you recommend?
As well to pay by $US or the local currency? where to make exchange? or shall I get with me from here?
Thanks in advance for your kind assistance,
Best regards,

You can get a bus from the airport, there are services like this … ervice.fss

can cost between 5 or 40 Brazilian reais depending on the bus
Go to any metro subway station and catch a metro to Butanta , it's a good area pretty safe.....Uber is also running in SP

Metro tickets are pretty cheap, like R$2 ,   is like .50C us

Buses are pretty decent in SP too, I've always found it a cheap and easy city to get around in

Tiete rodoviaria ( pronounced Chi - a - te ) is the main bus terminal and you can get the metro(subway) here , or catch a bus to just about any major city in South America

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