In search for a Expat Job openings for my Husband

Hi All ,

My name is vaishnavi , I recently moved to Malaysia with work permit . My husband is in India and we are planning to move to Malaysia KL . I am in search for an job opening for him in KL .Can any one help me out with  recruiters/Agents/Consultancies contact details to hunt for job openings .

His skill sets : Soft skills trainer into L&D ( Learning and Development) , TA  (Talent Acquisition ) HR & recruitment . 

Looking for a similar job as per his skill sets .


Jobstreet is your best bet, aside from personal networking.

Good luck, as he will need to go through the same process as you have in order to get work.

HR/Learning is a very difficult sector to enter as a foreigner because it is one of the favoured career areas for local Malaysians. Recruitment is based on commission, so unlikely a work permit would be warranted for either area.

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