Good online marketplace in Kuwait?

Is there a good online marketplace that I can order from and have things shipped here at a reasonable price? I recently wanted to buy a moped kit for a bicycle on ebay its only $100 (about 30KD) and free shipping in the U.S. however shipping through the post office, which I will never do again is $100 and going through Aramex is 58KD!!! that is absurd. I found Ubuy but that's just the same junk you find in every single mall. Is there anywhere I can buy stuff online and have it shipped here at a decent price? And yes I'm aware of the Friday market but that dosnt have much of anything I'm interested in.

It appears you already covered all the options. There is PostaPlus forwarding service that works like Aramex Shop & Ship. They are a bit cheaper, but still expensive for heavy items.

There is another thing though, depending on the item and the seller.

For more expensive or heavy items it may be worth ordering from UK Amazon. If the seller ships to Kuwait (some of them do), Value Added Tax will be deducted from the item price, and that amount can be higher than the cost of shipping to Kuwait, making the total item price lower than the advertised one.

You may want to check if the item you are looking for is available in one of the neighboring GCC countries, and then go and pick it up yourself.

BTW you may want to make sure fitting a moped kit on a bicycle is legal here. :)

Thanks Ill look into that. As with many things here it seems unclear. Ill take my chances at this point since its still way cheaper and easier to obtain than an actual motorcycle especially since I'm still on a visitor visa and it looks like that isn't going to change.

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