best place to live for quality of life

hi all, i will be moving to bahrain here in a couple of months and need some local input from expats.
i am torn between adliya(spell check off) and juffair as those are the two i have read with most nightlife and foreigners as well. however, i am open to all areas as well. things i am looking for are cafe's,restuarants, pubs, dance clubs etc.... i am a city person and do not intend to drive much so have all those amenities are a must. I know budget will come into consideration, i am looking to spend around 700-800BD for a flat. thanks in advance for the assistance.

with your budger ; you can get a very good furnished apartment in Juffair close to everything

Adliya and Juffair are close by, i would recommend you come down see the places  first and then choose based on your needs.

good luck!

thank you ali

thank you logicalindian

I will put it this way. There are more restaurants in adliya and more Americans in Juffair. I mean it’s got a street called American Alley!
More talent as well, if that’s your sort of thing.

thank you for the info

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