Convert your Canadian Driver's licence - what is the process called?

Evidently there is a process where you get your Canadian licence to the embassy and they certify them. Than you go to Santo Domingo and they convert it to a dominican licence. Does anyone know what this process is called? (In spanish please, so I know what to ask for)

I would love to hear about that but to have a Dominican driver's license you need to be a resident to the best of my knowledge.

I am a resident. Just looking for the name of the process.

Never heard of it!

If you are a resident and have your cedula, you just have to go and apply for your license here.  I am not sure of the process but someone else can chime in with details.  I believe you have to go to Santo Domingo, go for a driving test and if you pass you're done.

Why do you want to give up your Canadian lic.  Why not just get a Dominican one. Easy to get.  Here in the PP area you just go to their DMV next to the stadium afer paying your fees at Banco Reserva, get your good conduct letter from the court house accross the street, take a silly compute test and you have your temp lic.  Return a few weeks later take or maybe not take the  driver's test and get your regular lic.  (you can actually hire people to help you through the testing process)

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- National ID card as a foreigner.
- Certification from the Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin stating the validity of the applicant’s driving license, duly confirmed and legalized in the Dominican Foreign Ministry
- Proof of eye exam administered at the central or local DGTT offices.
- Receipt from the Banco de Reservas verifying payment of taxes and services.

Thank you.  I knew it would be time consuming and not easy to do.
I still reccomend that you just get a DR lid and keep your old one.

Bob K

So, still don't know what the process is called, but we just did it. Here's how it goes.
1. You do NOT give up your Canadian licence.
2. You DO need to be a resident.
3. You go to the Canadian Consulate and have your driver's licence certified along with a copy of your passport.
4. You go to Santo Domingo where the legal department of Transportation department to verify that everything is ok.
5. Then you get your finger pricked for blood type
6. Read a couple of letters on an eye chart
7. Get your photo taken
8. Licence given for 4 years.

Awesome info. Thanks for the update!!!!

Thanks for the update

Bob K

Hi Johicky,

They take your Blood type? Wow, never heard of this in other countries. That's interesting. Guess the Type "O Neg" drivers are rare?  LOL. Or maybe it's for when there's a car accident they can deal with it quickly. Interestingly odd. Thanks


More important the way they drive here there should be an organ donor box to check off :D

Bob K

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