short term rental

I am looking to rent for the months of Jan and Feb- 2 people 1 like golf one like the sun-where would you suggest in DR

That depends on your budget.

i am looking for the average price then I can take it from there

Well i can tell you in any given area you can rent from 200 to 4000!  A little more info will help!

How many bedrooms, bathrooms? You need a/c, internet etc etc

2 bedrooms , a/c and internet a must, pool , furnished, outdoor grill, close to restaurants and shopping

AT that time of year for what you are lookin for expect to pay $1000 or more per month.  Also it is high season and many places are already booked to capacity.  You are a bit late in the season to be looking so your choices maybe limited depending on where in the country you are looking  at

Bob K

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