Suggestions for an 8 year old moldavian kid

Hi All,
I am here in Egypt with my husband and I have with me my kid from my ex-husband. He is 8 years old and only speaks romanian. Any suggestions for him in regards to school and education?

You can just go for local Egyptian certificate if you're budget-conscious. Besides that, if you want, you can enroll in Calvert home-schooling system to get an American-system certificate as well. I am not an expert with the subject, but I have a baby now with a similar case. Check this website for more info

I put my 9 year old daughter into the British school in Sharm, and they have people from  all over the world. There should be many international schools in Cairo, assuming you are living there. It all depends on budget. I am trying to get my daughter to learn Arabic. Its always good to learn the language, it will make it easier for your kid in terms of making friends etc

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