New and alone, need some basic advice and connections

Howdy fellow travelers,
I'm Jase from Australia and am arriving in BKK on the 5th of November for some dental work.
Then I will travel down to either Phuket or Krabi to start my association with life in Thailand and determine if I'll permanently relocate here.
I've never been here before.
I need to find some credible people to make connections with and general advice on accommodation and and keeping my personal effects safe, getting around, hiring or buying bikes and cars etc.
I am a photographer/ videographer and will be vlogging all over Thailand on men's health (actually documenting my own path to a healthier me:) but also various parts of Thailand, elephant  welfare, motor sports and culture in general.
Any associations will be greatly appreciated.

You will be following a well worn path through Thailand so I would suggest taking a look at the work of those who came before you on blogs, vlogs, podcasts, websites, FaceBook, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.

As a fellow Australian and I have been here nearly three years. As a person who does not like city life or touristy area areas like Phuket or Pattaya. These places are expensive and you can really get your fingers burnt if you are new to the place.
I do not know how much travelling you have done overseas. i would recommend that take travel insurance of a period of six months or more. It is quite cheap and will cover you for any medical emergencies, you are looking at about $400. If you intend to ride a scooter here make sure you have a bike rider licence in Australia. As the insurance company will not cover you. If you have lot of camera gear hire a car would be a better option. There other options for getting the local areas and that by hiring a taxi for the day or getting a personal tour guide with a car.
You will need to decide on what sort visa you will need for you, a 12 month multi entry visa would be the best. Talk to the Thai Embassy in Australia to get latest advice.
I maybe going out on a bit of a limb here but if you are thinking of home basing yourself. I would recommend Chiang Rai. There are many reasons for this.
1. It is much cheaper to live here.
2. There is a lot of good scenery here.
3. You have various different cultures living here.
4. It is safe
5. People are good and friendly
6. It is fairly easy to get around
7. There is enough westerners to study and there is quite a few different nationalities here.
8. Good food and coffee
9. Has a good airport with plenty of flights to Bangkok and other destinations.
10. Weather, much better than Bangkok and southern areas.
Do some research on Chiang Rai, as it does have a lot offer.
If you want to I can help with some of what you may in regards to accommodation and a good tour guide. Plus I can direct you to people with more knowledge than I have on things you have in mind

Absolutely brilliant Rof1708, thanks bloke!
I hear Chiang Rai has some great motor bike riding roads?
I want to do some volunteer work in Chiang Mai next time around, but for now I am seeking safety in numbers and near the water. Ideally from a (Google Thailand beaches from my lounge room in Queensland) point of view either Krabi side of the bay or Phuket.
The reason being is im a videographer and also 50 kilos over weight. I want to get fit and document it with some nice water based scenery behind me.
I've travelled Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia and Indonesia on a motor bike but it was with numbers, guides etc.
This time I'm solo.
I'll probably apply for retirement visa next time but this time I'll be on a VOA for a month and do the boarder runs to see me into January next year.
Having a back pack which is easily $20k worth of gear is my main concern.
Camera's lenses, lap top, drone etc.
Yes I will be insured for health but only part equipment.

Been to Thailand last month,BKK and people are so great!I stayed in a guest house near airport:)


Bob from USA , Feel free to call upon me anytime have been to Thailand many times now retired here with my Thai Wife.
I like it depends on your adaptability, Great Culture very affordable and Thai people are friendly :)

Best Of Luck and Welcome

Best Regards

From a different prospective, it is helpful and healthy for you to develop a schedule or routine. Many people come to Thailand with the initial feeling of being on vacation or like a kid in a toy store. That life style can be very seductive. There should come that time when you make a self assessment and want to satisfy some kind of purpose. I was once a bartender in a casino environment. The number one question a customer would ask is how can one live in this party atmosphere. My answer often was that I have to think of my job and then manage my life style. Just an alternative thought.

Plus it is healthy to have a routine. In Thailand people notice other people and their habits. If you go to a shop for coffee or such at a certain time you begin to get noticed. If you stop going then you are also noticed. At some point in time you may have an accident and need help. Some of those people who noticed you might try and find out if you are all right. This too happened to me. Not only did it save my life but it was heart warming as well.

As they say - up to you.

Thank you Bill.
Couldn't agree more and will take on your advice :-)

Hello Bill ,

So true , I’ve been in Thailand for sometime now retired with my Thai Wife in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand.
Having a plan or regiment is always good if you choose to come here to live , So true about coming to live here and living like your on vacation or in a toy store.
I have a daily regiment as that was learned being raised by my parents and being in the military 4 years as well , I like to exercise as well one of my vices good for the body and mind !! :) 

Cheers to You :)
American Citizen/ Retired in Thailand

I understand that a plan, a routine and a regimented lifestyle are seen as essential by many but I want to put in a good word for those of us who choose a more flexible, spontaneous lifestyle.  Admittedly I do need coffee to get started in the morning but other than that I don’t get up at the same time or do the same thing everyday.  I like to see how I feel, check the weather and find out what my wife is doing before I commit to anything because she is much more structured than I am.  Everyday is different and that is the way I like it.

Like anything Village Farrang balance is key wether it’s spontaneous or structured , To much of one thing is NOT !!! Good.

Cheers. :)

I can never get enough of my wife's company, even after 20 years, so I disagree with that  generalized statement that too much of one thing is NOT Good.   :heart:


You love humor that’s good , I would have to concur I to do not get sick of  my Wife as well Village Farrang :)


It would appear that you have a wife who gives you your sense of structure. So be it.

Myself as a single person I have to create my own sense of structure, and purpose. My Thai lady friend says that she doesn't always pay her bills every month. I do and am happy to do so. That doesn't make either one of us bad, but it seems, for me, I have to create my own comfort level. Speaking as a professional, I also realize that there are many who have to self create their sense of self comfort or well being.

In your case you have found that level with your wife, I'm sure with many years of work and effort. But there are those, such as me , who still have to work on that principal. In the world of people there are a multitude of dynamics. For me I have some need to create my own balance.

I wouldn’t phrase it quite like that but, so be it.

Single life and married life are indeed very different.  I remember having to learn some new dance steps when, after 20 glorious years of being single in Bangkok, I changed my status to married.  Age and work status also strongly affect the rhythm of life.

I am not as sure as you are about the time, work and effort needed to have a great relationship.  I have found it very easy and rewarding but I have always preferred the company of women over men.  I loved being single and independent when I was young but I realized along the way that I did not relish the idea of being old and single.  What young girls say about their older sponsors is not very flattering much of the time and I didn’t want them talking that way about me one day.

I agree with the idea of being a regular and well known at certain places when you are single.  That way people can find you instead of the other way around.  I was a lobby rat for many years, enjoying high tea in my favorite hotel lobbies.  Having well connected upperclass Thai friends probably made a big difference in how I view Thailand.  Knowing Moms, Khunyings, celebrities, the famous and the infamous changes the way you navigate your way through Thai life.  If all I knew of Thai life was what I see going on around me in this small rural village, no doubt I would be expressing very different views in my comments.

Once again we have drifted a bit off topic but I quite enjoy these little side adventures.

PS: my body often tells me where my sense of well being as, at times by getting up late.


Perhaps some day the four of us could enjoy a cup of tea, either in Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai. My lady friend works full time at the Ram Hospital ( 5 1/2 days a week) which at times gets complicated with my retirement schedule. I think we are on the same pages just different chapters at times.


I would typically be driving over to Chiang Mai this month for a car service but they have recently instituted a program of sending a mechanic to Chiang Rai once a month to do routine maintenance.  Good thing too, as this time of year gets very busy with friends from Bangkok visiting, animal vaccinations, visa renewal and my wife flying to Bangkok every couple of weeks.  Perhaps we could work in a cup of tea sometime in the future, as long as I can make mine a cappuccino, my drink of choice these days.

Come rain or shine I make it a point to get up sometime between 7 and 10 in the morning.  I only get up in the dark when there is a flight to catch. :top:

bill kip :

PS: my body often tells me where my sense of well being as, at times by getting up late.

Okay, until next time.

I hv a relative to help but in Chiangmai.

Hey, I'm up for a get together. After my wife gets her Canadian status, we should be back in the country early 2018. I'll bring my guitar and some tunes.

Getting back on topic, hello Dukwenut.  I really liked Krabi Town and stayed on longer than I had expected. I want to go back and hang out there more. Get your heart and breathing in shape, too. A climb up the steps to reach a temple will really test you. The hot weather in the central and south areas can also take your wind. Use your common sense when you think you are falling in love. Bar workers steal your heart. A good woman gives her heart to you in exchange for your honesty. Now, I'm getting off topic. Try Krabi Town.  dcb


From what I am reading you like:

Photography/v logging

You already mentioned Krabi and one place in that provence I always loved riding around was Koh Lanta.

It's a good sized island with great routes and a lot to see and even though I did it alone a couple of times I never felt alone. Friendly island which is also cost efficency compared to more well known islands.

To get another idea from a video POV maybe youtube Koh Lanta series as I believe a French company made a show and based it on or around that island; specifically for good unspoilt scenery.

There is a fairly strong expat community there, there is even a Swedish school there.

In terms of volunteering there are charities based on the island but the one I know is a cat and dogs home and I recall seeing a few expats donating their time there.

Beautiful beaches like long beach provide a great background to videos.

The only thing I'm not sure about is secure accomodation at an affordable semi long term price. I stayed there for max 1 month at a time and paid a premium each time but I met people renting little houses for 7k a month.

Don't quote me on this either but you may want to check if drones are allowed to be brought in. Some public discussion on this recently in the media which indicated they plan on changing laws surrounding drones. Also read somewhere customs held onto a tourists drone upon arrival.

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