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Hello, I am a near-native Emglish teacher with a doctorate degree in Linguistics abd 8years of various teaching experience (young learners -adults). I am based in Moscow but I would like to relocate. I have applied for a few jobs in education but I am still waiting for the reply. I am in Istanbul at the moment and am available for a personal interview. Can you please let me know if there are any vacancies that I can fill? What are some of the popular language schools in Istanbul? Is it more effective to go straight to them and knock on the door of the Human Resources?
Thank you !!

as i know, the salaries in language schools are incredible low, there are a lot of people applying. also, you will face with residence and work permit problems, or you will keep staying and working without permissions which means lowest income.

Hi Natalie,

First of all, welcome to Istanbul! I'm working as Director of International Services at an international plastic surgery hospital in Istanbul. I'm currently looking for an International Patient Consultant who can speak fluent English and Russian. Mainly work is based on international sales and marketing of cosmetic surgery packages to foreign patients. You can check our web site

If you are not interested in any other jobs, I suggest you to visit English teaching institutes directly. I have an Ukranian friend working in Amerikan Kultur in Atasehir, she's been here for several years.

If you want to contact me for further information you can contact me on **. My name is Mustafa Ozyurt.

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