Contact Me :)

If someone who has been offered a job in Maldives or someone hoping to get a job in Maldives asks you a question about living conditions or living cost in Maldives, what would be your answer?  ;)

If I know the answer or if I can guide that person by giving the information, I would post a reply to that post. I would not ask people, specially female members of the forum, to contact me and give my mobile number lol

There are people, and I am referring to one particular person, who is keen to get in touch with female members of the forum and who seems not interested in helping or guiding new members/joiners but the intention is exchanging  mobile numbers and probably try to hook up. I think moderators need to look into this, otherwise this forum would become just a dating site.

Thank you very much for alerting the teams to this issue.
The member concerned was asking lady members for personal contact, something I strongly recommend they ignore as we have no clue why he's asking them to call him.

Contact details are not allowed on the open forums for posters' safety and this rule is strict.

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