ATT Hotspots in Caguas... How about Humacao..??

Hi All,

Hope everyone feeling that recovery mode kicking in..! Wow..! Been a lil crazy.. right..!

I imagine most are aware of the, what you might call "ATT 52/30 highway Hotspots"....

Traveling west on 30, when you hit the 61 kilometer mark just before making the curve into the Walmart / Kmart exit, ATT starts going full power...

It may not show up on your phone as 4 or 5 bars, but you can do just about anything online or calling...

Going south on 52 the signal extends down to about the 178 kilometer mark..

I really haven't had a need to go north on 52 where it meets 30, but I assume the signal is pretty good into San Juan...

Of course to do anything you need to pull over on the shoulder, and you can say not the greatest place to spend too much time if you don't have too.. but what can you do..

Actually, right after the 61 kilometer mark going west on 30 offers the widest shoulder to pull over on if you're looking for a little more feeling of being safe...

I'm assuming there's also places off the highway in Caguas that are good, just really haven't been able to explore those...

If anyone knows any... would be great to hear..!

And also if anyone knows any spots in Humacao for ATT that got the juice.. Gee... would be great to hear..!!

Thanks All..!!

Good Luck...!!

JN, if you have a chance please post your experience.

You are one of the few who live there that has posted A.M, and one of the fewer that have posted P.M.

Gary, Peach, Tony, Larry J who live there have posted P.M. and I think that's about it.

I would like to know what you went thru.

Entering Caguas from the north on the #1 you'll find full signal from AT&T. There's an AT&T store on the right , they are open, offer free WiF for AT& customers.
Going east on # 30 there's an area with good signal around the first and second Juncos exits. On the #31, across from the Amgen factory is Juncos Plaza. Full strength signal over there. Problem is that the 31 is always a mess.

Hi Gary,

That's good info thanks.. I moving back to Humacao soon.. My apt fixed up so just going to Junco instead of th Caguas is big saver..

Yeah, I did try to put up a lil more about how things went for me few days ago but by the time I was done and pushed the button lost signal.. try again later.. lying in bed half awake right now in Caguas...

Bye all..


As of today I have three, four bars LTE on the front porch. Now that's a huge improvement!! AT&T is doing great as far as I'm concerned.

Yeah, Tuesday afternoon ATT shut their signal done for the day and rebooted on Wednesday with a much stronger one... was getting it in Humacao at my apt for the first time..

Haven't been able to the signal at Juncos exits though as you described...

I was trying while still on the highway..

JohnnyNight :

Haven't been able to the signal at Juncos exits though as you described...

I was trying while still on the highway..

It's not too bad on the highway #30 but (until today, things may have improved) the best signal in Juncos was across the Amgen factory on the #31.

Anyway, if they keep this up things are looking a lot better for me now. Internet in the office is what I needed and now I have it!

Sounds nice...

Yeah, I was shocked today to see the strong signal in Humacao...


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