AFS Son in Ecuador - How to wire $

17 yo Son is living in Ecuador for a year going to high school.  Lost his wallet. 

1.  Any tips on reputable services to wire him $.  He is in Latacunga.

2.  Also, I want to send him a package.  Any tips on how to send him a package.  The parents he is living with said he would have to ask the post office about how to receive packages.  He is going to do this---but I want to double check the info he is given.

He is loving Ecuador, but is losing a lot of weight.

Thanks - Worried Mom

1. You can use Western Union to wire him the money. Make sure he has his passport and also double check if it's permissible for a minor to receive the funds.

2. Receiving a "package" in Ecuador may not be straightforward and may incur duty/taxes depending on the contents of the package. So maybe it's best if you send him extra cash in place of the package.

As for losing weight, if it's a concern don't worry about, because he'll put it back on when he returns home.

Thank you.  I'll see if there is a Western Union in Latacunga.  I knew something was up regarding the packages---b/c no one can seem to tell him how to get one

If you use Western Union be sure that the name is exactly as it appears on his passport. In the past I have had trouble when some funds were sent via Western Union because of things like my passport has only my middle initial, and the wire would be sent with full middle name, or middle name wouldn't be on form. The money always arrived fine from Western Union, and I always eventually got my money, but was at times a hassle, because the agents would say my name didn't match exactly the name on passport.

Thank you for that tip.  I definitely would have been tripped up by that.

Oh the name thing here drives me nuts.  When I got my cedula, the lady in GYE couldn’t understand why I only had one last name.  Not to mention, my passport only has my middle initial and not my full name, including my middle name.  Took 2 years for my bank to refuse letting me withdraw funds because of that.  I only had my cedula with me at the time and not my passport, which my account was based on.  Luckily, waiting over an hour to speak to the manager who spoke some English, and whose attorney cousin (& I’m sure received kickbacks as our interest rate never worked out & could never be explained except for BS answers), explained the situation to me.  Her bewildering look came when she told me I had to wait 2 weeks for the issue to be fixed, and I asked how she was going to give me my withdrawal funds that I needed that day (& was entitled to since she set up my account) to pay a contractor.  Finally she called downstairs and told them to give me my funds.  To avoid further delays (since it was close to closing time and she was trying to rush me out of her office), I made her help me fill out my new withdrawal slip before I left.  I’ve learned the hard way how all this works, so I now make sure that it’s a sealed deal before I leave any office when I have problems.  The name thing here always seems to cause us problems.  Never fails with the middle name/ initial and knowing which one to go by.  Gringo problems, I guess, lmao!!

Sophems :

Gringo problems... lmao!


imao = in my arrogant opinion

imao replaces 'imho' (in my humble opinion) in some instances for frustrated Gringos.


Oh you mis read....not “i”, it’s actually a “L” as in laughing not in.  So not intended or to be interpreted as in my arrogant opinion.  As in laughing my ass off, and to be interpreted as laughing and not taking it so seriously.  I’ve learned to laugh at everything that presents problems here, but it’s taken me a while to get to that point.  As in, “not sweating the small stuff.”

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