Travel from china to italy on permisso di soggorno

i am wasim national of Pakistan. My family live in italy . My wife and childerns have the permisso di soggorno unlimited. i have also a permisso di soggorno for two year. Now a days i am in china for study purpose on visa base. i have cinese visa for three year. Now i want to trave from china to italy.
i have a pakistani passoport with visa from pakistan to china.
i have the family base permisso di soggorno for two year.
i have the residenca.
before this i had travel many times to tral from pakistan to italy on permesso di soggorno.
Now is it possible to travel from china to italy with soggorno card means without visa?
please help me in this regard.

Hi Muhammad wasim khaN?

Please feel free to post your question on this thread : … 03&p=2 so as to avoid duplicates. :)

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