Cost of living in Jinja

Hi all,

My hubby has been offered a job working in Jinja, his salary would be 6,000 USD + health insurance a month, company car included but all utilities, bills, rent etc would be on us to pay.

We don’t have kids but are planning to start a family soon. We are looking to be able to save on average 2,000USD a month. We live a pretty average life with the typical holiday once a year but other than that we try live within our means without being too extravagant.

I would like to know the following:

1. What are rents like in Jinja? Ideally a 3-4 bed house
2. Average monthly utilities for a place this size?
3. How much would the salary for a nanny cost?
4. Would this salary be enough for us to live comfortably as well as still be able to save?

Thanks in advance for your help!

for rent and monthly utilities it will total up to 1.5-2 M Ugandan shillings and for the nanny's salary the it won't exceed 150k Ugandan shillings ....if you're want to live the an average life, then yes, you will manage to save on that money..

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