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I recently planned to rent a place and paid 400 first because the owner asked me what to do to secure my place. So i said that i will pay an amount first,which i paid RM400, and due to the fact that i cant find tenants,the owner rejected to refund back my money because he rejected other people for viewing...... but he did'nt even take the post off even after i paid the money. What can i do? I am only a student,really desperate now.

You cannot do anything. The owner is well within his rights to keep the money unless you have a written Agreement between the two of you and proof that he in some way broke the Agreement which seems unlikely. Following up would cost you a lot more than the RM400 you have already lost.

Honestly speaking, if you cannot reason with or persuade the owner to give some of the money back then you'd just better let it go and learn from your mistake.

Actually, you have earned an experience by losing RM400. You can not do anything on it that the amount is too small and there is no legal action on this kind of dispute.

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