Finding a job in Malaysia is like stumbling on a treasure chest!!


I'm Yousif from Iraq and I would like to share my thoughts with everyone. I studied masters in software engineering here in Malaysia and now I'm almost finished with my Ph.D. Having years of experience in my age (30) I thought I could find a job easily. That's being said, it's been more than 4 months of a fruitless endeavor. Software programming jobs are abundant in this country but still, it's impossible for foreigners to secure these jobs. I think it's mainly due to the difficulty of acquiring an employment pass. Unfortunately, "FOR MALAYSIANS ONLY" is a common phrase in job postings

Lecturing positions in universities and academies are obviously off limits according to HR officers that I talked to in multiple universities. In most developed countries, students visa extension for 2 years after graduation where they can work and acquire experience. Malaysian governments give 2 weeks to students who finished their study with a sticker that literally says "Leave the country".

What are your thoughts? do you find it as difficult to find a job?


Software engineering jobs are the most frequently hired foreigners in Malaysia but the jobs seem to need 5-7 years experience.  You may be overqualified and under experienced? The drive at the moment is to satisfy job mobility among ASEAN countries - probably accounts for the drought.

I have more than 5 years of experience but it won't be of a value here since only two years of it are full-time jobs. The rest is part-time and freelance during my studying. But people with higher education should have leverage, we sacrificed these years studying not working, spending money instead of gaining, just to get "Higher education". Now It just seems like a horrible investment of money and time.

Probably true. Experience is always valued highest and especially in Malaysia because employers expect to pay for skills and not to teach people a job. They look on a CV for proof of practial know-how and experience, rather than semantics. People's "potential" does not come into the equation.

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