Glaucoma drugs and opthomolgists in Cuenca

How can I find out if these eye drops are available in Cuenca? It took me a year to get the correct prescription to reduce the pressure. I must find available. Also, without my coverage in the states they would be astronomical. 

Currently, I live in the USA which is absolutely unaffordable. I have traveled to Southeast Asia as wellas India and Europe. I really liked Ecuador for the eEcuadorians as well as ex pats but I must have access to these drugs. Would appreciate anyones knowledge of Latanaptost and Simbrinzia. Thank you so much.

In a quick search it seems there are more ophthalmologists in Quito and Guayaquil than Cuenca.  But you may want to try sending an email to this oftalmólogo, DR. ANDRÉS DÍAZ CARRASCO, who was at first the only ophthalmologist I could find in Cuenca: … mbro=11344

Press the button ENVIAR MAIL to send him a message to ask about Latanoprost (Xalatan) and Simbrinza availability (press "Enviar Mensaje..." at the bottom to send after filling out the fields).  He has apparently done some post-graduate work at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai so I presume he will be able to communicate with you in English and answer your questions.

Another possibility might be Dr. Ponce also in Cuenca although it seems his specialty is eye surgery for various disorders, including glaucoma:

https://www.ponceophthalmologyecuador.c … gico-ponce

You may also send him a message, just press the CONTÁCTENOS at the right on the menu bar, fill in the fields under DEJE UN COMENTARIO!, and then press ENVIAR MENSAJE.

Thanks so much to the person, gentleman who sent me opthomolgists information. I really appreciate the time you took to respond to my query. I’ve emailed Dr Ponce and made an attempt to email Dr Andres ( that email did not go through and although I know a smattering of Spanish I will have to have the reasoning checked out further.

Sincerely, Diane

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