Store keeper visa and security guard visa

Ive got job offer from saudi arabia as a finance manager and the company has sent two visa one security guard visa and another storekeeper visa to the agency .I just want to know is certificate attestation is required in any of these visa?

Thnx for the more question ive heard that security guard position is reserved for the saudis only is there going to be a problem in gettin my visa stamped..though i have another store keeper visa which i think is not reserved i guess..but still i want to start workin as soon as possible.


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Thank you for your understanding.

I just talked to my agent today she told me its not store keeper but stock movement observer..and she doesnt know if this is same as store keeper..please someone tell me is store keeper and stock movement observer same visa and if not does stock movement observer requires certificate attestation ... quick reply will be highly appreciated.

Update:its written
أمين المستودع ,i googled it and found the meaning warehouseman does this requires attestation bcz my agent is really dumb she doesn't know anything.please help

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