Obtaining my Carne de Extranjeria

A few days ago I went to Migraciones  and obtained my Carne de Extranjeria. It was a somewhat long (2 months)  process. If anyone on this forum needs help with this process, and is looking for a good, honest,  immigration lawyer, at a very reasonable price, feel free to contact me. I was very impressed with my lawyer, he was very knowledgeable about immigration law, and a all around decent person. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Thanks

You can also find information on-line in English about how to get your Carnet de Extranjería here:

http://www.expatperu.com/requirements-f … jeria.html

And if you do an internet search for
peru carnet de extranjeria
you will get many hits, most of them in Spanish, of course.

Do you actually need a lawyer to accomplish this in Peru or can you do it yourself or with the help of a facilitator? What are the net end costs of getting residency in Peru?

why did you need a lawer ?
its a simple process,and any migrations office will give you step by step instructions.
or thier website has the same info in various languages
As for the ficha from interpol they have a great website with equal step by step instructions
also available in various languages.

the only reason you might want to use a "tramitadora" is if your applying for residency by way of a "trabajador" and dont really want to work.( and dont have a friend who will give you a work contract). basicaly theyll use an accountant and put you on the books of a company.. and give you a contract.. but you dont really work,,you just pay your share of the taxes and thieres,,,
after a couple of months you get your residency,,and you can cancel the contract,,

the residency used to last 5 years, but i believed its reviewed evey year now.(for workers). so its just a short term solution nowdays, but if your selling a house, its a great way to avoid paying 30% in taxes as a tourist/foriegner.. as a resident you pay nothing in tax for the sale of your house. :top:
providing its the only property in your name.

follow this link to migrations if its not in english clik the flag at the top of the page.
this is for changing the calidad migratoria as a worker,, if you want by other way ( marriage etc) just look on the site ,each way of applying has diferent requirments.

https://www.migraciones.gob.pe/index.ph … igratoria/

follow this link to the interpol page for the ficha.( nesecary for residency,its just a police search that confirms your not wanted in another country) also in english

https://www.pnp.gob.pe/direcciones_poli … cional.pdf

all the payments necesary are listed on each page.. payments for the carne,, and the ficha,,
the payments are almost always paid in banco de la nacion.. using the codes given
step by step instrctions are given in both cases.
hope u can understand this ,my english is way out of practise,

Thanks Keith, muy amable......I appreciate your consejo.........

Do you know of. Tramitadora, or how to find one? Desperately seeking one have been job hunting for almost two months company I was going to work with had me come out then canceled me when I got here so I have no contract now and don't have funds to go back! Need contract to get carnet then I can apply to other jobs.. Its pretty backwards how it works... Does the contract have to be a certain length of time to be eligible for the carnet? Nothing online states length, have a restaurant owner who said he can give me a contract for three month intervals but I don't know if that will work. you can pm me of you prefer anyone on here who might have this info please... *** WhatsApp only plz.. No cell service for me in Peru.

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