Living in saud bahwan palm gardens reply, ASAP

Hello all,
I have an inquiry about the palm gardens situated in Sohar. How much is a 3 bedroom villa or apartment (I don’t mind) a month? If there is a 4 bedroom how much is that? I would prefer a furnished one.

I also want to know how much is the Dawood complex, same furnished 3 or 4 bedroom.

4-bed unfurnished are 880/month. But, its near impossible to get a place to live there. Long waiting list. Same at Dawood. I was living in PG for the past 5 months with 2 roomies but we had to move out last week. Now at Sohar Gardens and a 2 bedroom furnished is 550/month. Quite expensive IMO. I am considering taking a roomate but not sure yet.

Hey there @MooseBKK, I'm hoping if you could share some tips on how to get a unit in Sohar Garden Residence - I'm moving to Sohar soon and it would be ideal to stay there. I tried sending emails to the sales team and manager but didn't get any response.

Ya, they wont answer. Most of the decent apartments in Sohar are taken so you end up on a wait list. Its all just luck. You just have to show up. I assume that the company you work for will put you up in a hotel for a while?

Thanks for the reply @MooseBKK - yeah, I'll be staying in a hotel for about a month. But realizing how difficult it is to find accommodation options that suit me, I was thinking to start working on it early.

Plan B, if the complex are full - what would be my next best option? Ideally I would like to stay in an area where I can socialize with other expats, since I will be staying alone.

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