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My name is Abhijit, I am currently working in with a funded start-up in the area of Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT. I am working as Project Manager handling multiple projects for India and Africa Clients on AI , BI and Enterprise Solutions. I have around 13 Years of work-ex out of which 8.5 in the area related to Financial Analysis and Advisory to Mid Size corporates and 4.5 in Information Technology.
I am applying for critical skill visa, little confused about the Skill sets which i should apply under?

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My suggestion is you get clarification. My son is in IT and got a job offer in Cape Town. The attorneys for the company applied for a Critical Skills visa but the embassy in D.C. said that visa has been phased out and it took another 2 months to reapply and get it right.

The challenge is that they change the goal posts in the middle of the game. However, the staff at the Home Affairs office in Pretoria/Arcadia are very helpful.

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You should get the list and pick the ones that close to your certifications.
Which one are confusing?
I doubt that you will find AI or BI stuff in the skillset list, but you should find like software engineering.

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