Looking for a LC Series 70 (Troopy)

Hello all,

I recently moved to Riyadh. I am looking for a Toyotat Land Cruiser Series 70. Preferably a 4 door version troop carrier, but a short 2 door would meet my needs. What I am interested in are sites I can look at to find one. Preferably an older one.

I enjoy getting out in the desert and exploring. Also, I plan to pull it apart anyways so age is not really the issue. It is a hobby for me. I have seen a couple of really nice upgraded ones since my arrival.

Any information is greatly appriciated.

Hi. I suggest you to go to used Car Sales in Al Naseem area or Al Shafa.  you will find many options with good prices.
Better to go with a Saudi guy or  Arabic native.

Thank you!

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